Saturday, November 7

craft room makeover!

i've been so excited to share pictures of my workspace since it's had a little makeover. it's so organized and it makes creating flow so much better when everything is in it's place. click on the photo for a larger view!

this is my main work area. the little bins hold the majority of my crafty supplies, and the desk is stuffed full of finished wreaths. i also use this area for my shipping supplies.

i store all of my fabric inside the red pie safe to the left, left to me from my grandma.

this is my sewing desk, and the place where i take most of my etsy pictures because i can lift the curtains up and i get great lighting!

my hippo pin cushion and a little army of creatures waiting for their turn to be used in a project!


  1. Wow, fantastic! I really need to do this myself! Waiting for my husband to put together this huge shelving thing I got from Ikea - that should help a ton!

  2. Oh- I am so jealous!! My sewing room is so small and a giant mess! Your space looks so great.


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