Sunday, November 22

how awesome is this!

one of my earliest etsy sales was a customer who wanted me to ship a wreath with a little owl on it to a friend in finland. i was so excited that a little wreath of mine was go to a new home so far away! the girl who bought it said she'd send me a picture of it in it's new place.. i never really expected to get a picture, but today, about 9 months later, i check etsy and i have a conversation with this picture attached:

i love the fact that most people would have probably forgot they ever offered to send a picture, especially after months have gone by.. but she totally delivered. i remember shipping this wreath out vividly, because i highly underestimated the cost to ship to finland, and i ended up making zero dollars on the sale.. lesson learned. but in the end, it was totally worth it!

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  1. How amazing that they sent you that photo! Lately I've been wondering what happens to the things I send off into the etsy world too.

    Your new wreaths are gorgeous!


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