Thursday, November 5

new wreath for winter

most of the time i'm kind of a scrooge and i don't get into christmas much, but lately i have been inspired to make some holiday goodies. i dig stuff that doesn't look like traditional christmas.

i wanted to make a new wreath that was perfect for winter, with an icy silver feel and i love how it turned out!


  1. Hey fellow new-blogger :) I'm in your same EXACT boat when it comes to Christmas... your new wreath is something I could tolerate. I'm over all the traditional green & red. Great job! I'm off to check out your Etsy shop to "heart" it :)

  2. So beautiful, I adore each and every item that you've chosen, I especially love the fall blue sky photo & the wreath...great job! thanks so much for including my bracelet.

  3. What a beautiful, nostalgic collection! Thank you so much for including my embroidered Tree!


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