Monday, November 9


i used to do mug monday on flickr a while back, where every monday i feature a new mug in my ridiculous, ever growing collection of things to drink coffee out of. it fell off after a while, and it seems like a good time to revive it since things are getting icky outdoors. hopefully this will keep me from getting sad about not taking as many pictures outside.

this is the mug i used last night while crafting. i have quite a few grandma mugs, but this is a favorite because of how hilarious the word "marvelous" is, especially when applied to grandmas.


  1. I loooove mugs! I have a bit of a collection, too, and actually just took a pic of one of my favorites yesterday- I'm going to be posting it soon! (I bet you can hardly take the suspense! lol). :)

  2. I have a bunch of mugs, myself. My collection has proliferated to extreme numbers over the years!

  3. I just posted about my one of my favorites today! Love your collection!


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