Sunday, November 29

scrooge mcdowell

i'm not a complete scrooge. there are some things i enjoy about the holidays.. like vintage christmas decor, and um.. food, but mostly i just like when it's all over with and life goes back to normal. i blame almost all of my grumpy holiday spirit on working retail since the dawn of time. i'd probably love this time of the year if it meant a nice little break from work, instead of working more. i'd like it more if i weren't a part of the christmas machine. instead of having warm thoughts about family and gift giving, i think about people maxing out credit cards and buying mountains of gifts they can't afford.

i avoid christmas sales, and pretty much shopping all together, and i would rather put my hand in a blender than experience a black friday sale. this time of year i pretty much just lay low and wait for it all to blow over. selling on etsy has been the only things to spark a little flame into my cold grinchy heart. this is my first christmas season for selling, so maybe in a few years i'll be a bright ball of holiday cheer. you never know :)

happy effing holidays by ender's princess
zombies are more scary than santa's lap card by tinaseamonster
bah humbug bunting by bad baby quilts
lemon love bird by jennifer culp art

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