Monday, November 16

squirrel love

there are so many great squirrel items on etsy.. it was hard to pick just a few! bradley and i could watch squirrels play all day, but unfortunately we have to watch from a distance, as our house is a squirrel free zone due to our furry defense system named jeebus. he's quite the killer, so the creatures know to stay away.

1. Belchick - the mischievous squirrel from sleepy king
2. blue squirrel print from orange willow
3. nutty pal covered dish from enamor
4. hungry squirrels also from enamor
5. squirrel love pillow from needlings
6. i'm nuts for you greeting card from echarrow


  1. I've been wanting that mischievous squirrel from sleepyking for about a hundred years! Love the face.

    * The funniest thing I ever saw was a few years ago on Halloween- I saw a squirrel in a tree eating a twix bar out of the wrapper just like a human. I'm telling you- it was the strangest sight!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my squirrel :) I love all of these squirrelly picks! the pillow is adorable.

  3. #5 is the cutest & post tolerable - all the other remind me of the annoying squirrels always in my courtyard - gets OLD! :)

  4. ponder and stitch:
    your story makes me wish i had decided to use this print by KupKupPhotography - it would have been so fitting!


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