Tuesday, December 1

november 31st

my little centerpeice tree made it into the holiday home decor gift guide, and my snowflake wreath is featured in etsy finds: the decemberists.

and i'm going to pretend that there are 31 days in november because today i sold the 2 items i needed to reach my goal of 30 in one month! definitely the best etsy month for me ever.

wishing many sales to everyone!


  1. Congrats!! That tree is the cutest! xoxo
    (your cuffs are massively adorable too)

  2. Congrats on reaching your goal!! :)

  3. I saw your trees on the Etsy front page and thought they were super cute! Then when I looked at your shop, I saw even more amazing cuteness! I love your style :)

  4. Hi Jody,
    I just wanted to stop over and say hi (and congrats on your great month in your Etsy shop!). I was delighted to see your comment on my blog. I have been admiring your shop over on Etsy since you opened. Looking forward to following your blog now too. :)


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