Thursday, December 10

new brooches

i highly underestimated how well things would be selling around the holidays. i figured things would pick up, but i definitely needed like a thousand more items in my shop. next year i will start preparing in like the middle of june.

i did get a few more brooches finished and listed today, but there probably won't be many more things listed before christmas. take a look!


  1. Those are so pretty! So glad your shop is doing well for the holiday season!

  2. I am in the same boat. I definitely had NO idea how insane xmas time on etsy would be. I was not prepared. I just thought "ooh maybe i'll get like 5 sales a day" haha yeah right! Im starting to prepare in June 2010 too!~

    <3 SK

  3. Same here - Christmas starts in JUNE in 2010! Or maybe May?? :) Congratulations on your success!


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