Friday, December 4

The O'Sullivan Sisters

My husband and I bought our house 4 years ago, and we occasionally get sucked into researching it's history. It's been a dream to find old photos of our home, and we get really excited when we start renovating a room hoping we'll find a new clue to the past.

During a trip to the library while looking through books on our town's history, I flipped through and saw the most amazing picture.. four ladies in 1900's dresses smiling and playing with a little black kitten. I loved it immediately. The caption named them the O'Sullivan sisters, with no other information. It was after I was already attached to the photo that we realized that a family by that name had lived here from around 1909 to 1917 and it took some time to trace the family and find out that they did indeed have daughters. Amanda, Pearl, Lilian, and Lizzy. We also contacted a family that had lived here in the 70's and they told us they had found old leather postcards in the walls during a renovation from one Amanda O'Sullivan!

Wether the photo was taken here is still up for debate, but It's clear that this family is a part of the history of our home, and we finally filled in a little gap in the timeline. We're still on the hunt and I can't wait to discover more!


  1. i love it! (and i LOVE their names!)... how cool is that that you get to live in an old house like that.
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  2. I love the story-have you ever seen the show"if walls could talk"on hgtv?-very interesting to find the history of places we live:)

  3. How interesting! I would love to live in a home with that much history. My home is 10 years old, wouldn't be so much fun looking back at its history!


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