Tuesday, January 26

brad's parts bin

i have to share my husband's lately project! the plan was to create a replica of this antique, rotating nuts and bolts storage bin to use out in his shop. the reality is that he just can't bear to put his dirty shop parts into such a beautiful peice that he spent so much time on. i definitely don't think he's ready to part with it, but he did list it on etsy and craigslist so we'll see what happens. take a look at the listing if you'd like the details, or just drool over these photos:


  1. Oh my goodness-that is gorgeous-what talent.
    It is too pretty for nuts and bolts, I agree. Maybe some haberdashery?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. My husband has followed this build on a woodworking site and he has been amazed by the quality/craftmanship and has been telling me about it. This morning he said you were selling and why. I happened upon it today. There can not be two of them. Amazing quality, care and technical ability went into this gorgeous cabinet. If I win the lottery, watch out!

  3. Hi! I found you through the etsy forums.

    I love that cabinet!! Its beautiful!


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