Tuesday, January 19

welcome home

i've been wanting to blog about our home for a while, but it's hard to know where to start! my husband and i got super lucky and found our dream house for a great price because it was stuck in the middle of a half assed remodel. as soon as we started house shopping, it was the first and only house we had to look at. we've been here for 4 years now, and honestly, if i have my way, i won't ever live anywhere else.

it sets near the heart of our little town, and we think it was built around 1898. there is a lot of history here, but i'll save that for another post! we've been slowly rennovating and making the house look like us, and i'm so happy with the progress we've made so far. i say "we" but mosty i mean bradley, because without him everything would still just be a dream. i help with the design and colors, but the work is all him. i should help with the laboring more, but he's just such a machine! i just try to stay out of the way while he goes to work.

the biggest project he has tackled so far is a giant brick wall in our entry way, which leads to an amazing ceiling.  the first time we saw the house, he knew that we needed to open up the stairwell and brick the wall. it took almost 4 years to actually make it happen, most of that time was spent hunting for a cheap way to brick (thanks craigslist!)

here is an entry way before and after, but there are a LOT more pictures of the process after the jump!

it started with a weird little overhang nook area that was pretty much wasted space. i guess it made cleaning the tall windows easier! tearing this thing down was the first, of many, demos.

so the weird landing area is gone, and this is what was left. panneling everywhere, drop ceiling, flourescent lights. lots of work to do.

then life looked like this for a while, and my husband was very very dirty. he's cleaner now (and not smoking! yay!)

this was taken from an open room upstairs.. he spent lots of nights high on ladders, mudding and taping and sanding and maybe wondering if it was worth it. if you can't tell, i love to document every step with pictures!

before and after!

before and after, a view up!

the ceiling could be a whole post of it's own.. it still kind of blows my mind. brad had to make a temporary floor so he could even get to the ceiling to work on it. lots of ducking your head while walking up the stairs.

that wall stayed unfinished for a looong time, even after the ceiling was nice and fancy. i got kind of used to it and never thought it would actually get bricked..

but it did! luckily someone on craigslist had a ton of leftover brick veneer for cheap. i can't tell you how excited i was to see it actually happening! kitty was equally excited.

we needed afordable sconces, which i believe do not exist, so brad made some using a thin wood veneer, and it worked out so well. they give so much depth to the brick.. lots of amazing light and shadows at night.

WHEW! THE END! this was officially the length of all my other posts put together. i'm excited to share more house features in the near future!


  1. It looks spectacular! It's fun but also hard work to redo a home.We just moved and we're currently redoing our basement into my studio and home theater.I had to take a break from painting yesterday.It's exhausting.
    What a wonderful thing to find your dream home.I'm going to go check your other photos link :)

  2. Your home is amazing! My husband and I also bought our first home about three years ago and it's still a work in progress!

    As I was reading through your description of your renovation process I couldn't help but think of how similar it is to ours! My husband does a lot of the grunt work as well, but my job is to gussy up a space once it's structurally sound :) I also feel a bit guilty about not contributing more with the grunt work, but my husband so enjoys that aspect of the remodel and I so enjoy the part where I get to beautify and give personality to the space.

    Keep the house posts coming... I love reading what "renovation realities" others are going through as well!

    P.S. love your etsy shop! just found it today and I must say I adore your brooches and wreaths!

  3. Umm, your house looks like a wonderful wintery dream! Awesome pictures...I can fantasize about home ownership. :)

  4. I love the brick wall. You're lucky to have a husband who likes doing that kind of work!! My hubby does a lot of things but a DIYer he's not!!

  5. thanks so much for your comments! i really appreciate them!

    angela - it makes me feel better that i'm not alone in feeling bad about not doing more of the grunt work. he likes it, and i'd be terrible at it, so i think i'm doing everyone a favor by not helping! and thanks for the shop compliments :)


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