Monday, February 1

mug monday!

today's mug is perfectly fitting, because lately instead of actually making things, i've just been on the computer planning and thinking about making things. you don't really get a lot done that way. i wish my computer had an hour time limit, and then it would just turn itself off.


  1. Ok, I want one of those!!!!! seriously, where did you find that!

  2. I agree with that timer thing. You loose track of time so easily when promoting. :o

  3. i think i scored this one from a thrift store somewhere and have never seen another one since!

  4. Oh me too-
    I was planning on finding a timer and setting it for when I'm on the computer.I get so distracted 'working' on it :)
    Cute mug!

  5. oh cooool! i need one of those! i know my other half would think its fitting lol!!!


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