Wednesday, February 3

selling prints, finally!

when i started my etsy shop in the middle of 2008, the plan was to sell photos, as my name "the little prints" might imply. a search or two around etsy quickly helped talk me out of it. it's very easy to see so much amazing work and convince yourself that you're not good enough.  it took me a while to come around, but i finally made it. i realize that there is room for all of us, each with our unique view of the world.

so, here's to my new etsy adventure!

you can see my photos i have for sale here.  also, check out these photography shops below. here are some of my favorites! (can you tell i like square photos?)

by tim irving art photography

by julie kruger art

by i brake for bokeh photography

by alice b. gardens

by lola's room photography

by jane heller photography


  1. those are really great photos!
    i love your pear tree and plates :)

  2. alice b. gardens is one of my faves too, love the one that you've picked here, that depth sparkles!
    following your blog now too! :)

  3. Wow, believe it or not, the clothes hung in the closet is my fave. So unique! Thanks for sharing... I'm following you. ;)

  4. Your photos are wonderful. Its great that you decided to start selling them.

  5. I love our photos. They have such a unique feel to them, if that makes sense. Truly wonderful. I love square photos too!

  6. thank you all so mcuh for your comments! i appreciate your words :)

  7. Jody, Hi! Michaelle here from Barking Dog Studios on Etsy (and the booth at the Factory). I have to tell you I love your blog and am adding it to my "Artsy/Crafty Blogs" on my blog. I have photography in my booth and in my etsy shop, but nothing like yours, which is beautiful! Learning the TTV technique is on my list of things to do this year. What type of vintage camera do you have?

  8. Those are really neat. Weren't some of these on Pioneer Woman?

  9. jenny - i'm not sure what pioneer woman is, but now i'm interested..

    michaelle - i wanted to send you a message because i found your booth at the factory! i thought your photos were beautiful.. i really liked the metallic look of them. there was a close up of a leaf that stood out to me right away.

    i definitely recommend giving ttv a try, it's so much fun and it makes you take pictures in a totally different way. i use a kodak duaflex II, but anything will work as long as the viewfinder is large enough. i bet you get hooked :)


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