Tuesday, March 16

attics on the brain

bradley has been trying to convince me for a while that the attic would make a great workspace for me, and i've been stubbornly ignoring the idea until i heard one word: skylight. we were in the attic looking for something last week and he was still trying to sell me on it, and it actually kind of started working. i saw the potential he was seeing in the dark and creepy place i've only been in like twice.

i found some amazing attic inspiration online last night. i'll store these thoughts and photos away in my brain attic and get back to them when we get into house design mode again.


  1. Oooo I want my workspace to be an attic or a loft. Attics can get very hot though, so can lofts. just be careful the floor is sturdy!

  2. Hey - I bought a wreath from you in the fall and was just browsing your store. Love, love your stuff and your blog!


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