Tuesday, March 23

back in action

the project house that consumed our lives for two months is finally finished, so i can get back to work. my brain is exploding with things i want to work on, since i haven't had any time to get anything out. today was my first day back to crafting, and my only goal was to finish this headband that i've been so excited about making! i'm not much of a pre-planner, but i sketched this idea out one night and have been dying to finish it. i've gotten a little bored with yarn headbands and brooches, and this totally refueled my motivation tank.

see the listing here!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love that new headband! You are such a hottie! (I'm not trying to be creepy!!)

  2. Love the new design! I've been meaning to let you know that my sister bought one of your headbands for me for my b-day. I love it! I plan on taking a pic of me wearing it soon and blogging about it.


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