Friday, March 5

life, please hold.

my blog has been a little quiet because life has been kind of busy lately. bradley is remodeling a house right now, and i'm trying to help him work on it when i'm not at my actual job. it's kind of taken over our lives at the moment, but i'm hoping another two or three weeks and we'll be back to normal and i can focus on making stuff again. it's definitely starting to look like a house, and it's coming along nicely. i'm so grateful for all the hard work he has been doing for us. it sucks right now, but it'll be worth it in the end.

i did get a lovely surprise a few days ago when i saw brad's spinning storage cabinet on the etsy blog! etsy finds: in like a lion. it went perfectly with the spring cleaning and organization theme and  we've recieved lots of awesome feedback.

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  1. it's so hard to get so much done isn't it? i'm not sure how anyone does it.we're(slowly,yet as quick as we can) redoing a house we just moved into as well.
    congrats on the spinning storage cabinet-it's wonderful!
    have a great weekend :)


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