Saturday, April 17

bike trail fail

we decided to pack up the bikes and head to a bike trail so we could ride with some new scenery. we picked the 3 mile trail and it was so easy and downhill and fun that we all decided that we could probably keep going and ride the 11 mile trail. um, wrong! technically we did it, but oh my god it was the hardest thing i've put my body through probably ever! so much was uphill and i thought we were going to die. i'm proud that we accomplished it, and brad's ready to go again already.. but i think jennifer and i are sticking to 3 miles from now on.


  1. This looks like fun, where was it? I want to go on some good bike rides soon...

  2. kasia - it was the bike trails at st. joe park! it was really pretty, and we saw lots of wildlife, and the trail was fun to ride.. just stay off the 11 mile one unless you're a professional!

    fallon - thank you :)

  3. Your bike is so cute.I'd love to get a retro looking one.
    I haven't ridden bikes in a long time but remember doing 20km once-just on the roads in France as a teenager.I'm not sure how many miles that is-but pretty sure I couldn't do it now :)
    Happy weekend to you~

  4. Cute bike! I want one!! I love your pictures.


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