Thursday, April 15

coffee table project

brad came home from the junk yard with a rusty, beat up old factory cart that he scored for $25. i'm not sure what his intentions for it were, but i immediately claimed it as a coffee table. bradley went to work on it and, as always, i'm amazed with the results! it fits with our space so perfectly. he used reclaimed 2x4's as the table top, and the color and grain of the wood is so beautiful.. ooh and the awesome wooden wheels.. i'm in love!




  1. It's gorgeous!! The workmanship is wonderful.

  2. Oh wow-it looks great! love the utility /industrial look and you've done such a great job refinishing it :)

  3. wow, this is impressive! I'd like that :)

  4. What an amazing project. Only one with a creative eye could have envisioned this!

  5. Great job on this coffee table!

    I nominated you for a Sunshine Award! Check my blog and spread the Sun!

  6. Well this project blew me away AND made me totally jealous! ;)
    You and your husband are, like, a creative dynamic duo or something - awesome!

  7. thanks for the comment love, everyone!

    and corinne, i have been telling my husband lately that we need to join together to form a creative super force.. and you put it so well :)

  8. oh jody! i just saw your cart makeover on Design*Sponge... here's the link
    how exciting!!

  9. ooh thanks craftydill! i knew it was going to be posted soon, so i've been checking for it.. but you beat me to it!

    thanks for the heads up :) so excited!


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