Wednesday, April 28

demolition man

bradley can't stand to be without a project too long, so while i was at work last night he started gutting our master bathroom, even though we're still planning out what we'll do with the space. if you can't tell from the photos, i never put any love into the bathroom after we moved in. i never even took down the curtains of the people before us. with the mint green carpeting, not one but TWO seashell sinks, and a drop ceiling.. i didn't figure we could do much to improve it outside of tearing the whole thing down.. and that's where we are right now.

the exsisting bathroom had a strange closet area, which led to another strange closet area, which was pretty much wasted space, so brad tore the wall out and we gained a lot of room.  i'm so excited to take on a bathroom.. but i have a lot of decisions to think about!

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  1. I need to borrow him, lol~
    We have so much to do in our new place. Just need some more time(and $).We still have previous owner curtains in our master bath too!
    Can't wait to see when it's done :)


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