Sunday, May 30

minus one maple

one of our old maple trees had to come down this weekend, and it feels so strange without it. the house feels so open and vulnerable. it sucks that it had to come down, and it will take us a little while to get used to it, but now it's time to pick a new tree to replace it. we're leaning towards a poplar, but haven't decided for sure yet.

this is bradley and jeebus moping on the porch. one bright side is that brad is going to try to have some lumber made from the trunk, so hopefully we can work it into a project so that it can still be a part of the house in some way.


  1. I love the idea of using the lumber, and turning it into something for your house! I also love your cat's name.

  2. i would plant a paper birch or a fruit tree. i wish i had room to plant a few of each!

  3. we have two pear trees in the backyard, but we mostly give them away and the rest turn the backyard into a rotten mushy mess.

    hmm.. off to check out paper birch!

    also, i was going to say that you had an awesome name and then i realized it was yours and that was extra awesome.


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