Tuesday, May 4

old school

it took forever for me to get tired enough to fall asleep last night, so i lost myself in the historical website for our town (farmington, missouri) and i fell in love with a few photos from 1937-38. local history makes my heart happy.

the last one was taken at the lookout area at knob lick tower, which we go to sometimes, but i'm too scared to climb too far.


  1. Amazing images. I am so in love with old photos.

    It is so funny that you mention not being able to sleep last night. At about 1:30am I decided to down a wine cooler to get me to sleep. Within a half hour - I was out.

    Dont get my wrong - I am not normally a drinker but when you mind is just reeling and you cant fall asleep a drink can really be a helper!

  2. haha we aren't normally drinkers either, but sometimes my husband will do the same thing.. just have a beer because it's guarenteed to make him pass out!


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