Thursday, May 13

outright awesome!

i have been meaning to find a good way to track my etsy sales and expenses for a while, and while reading through the etsy forums, i discovered and i only wish i had found it sooner! it is exactly what i needed to help keep track of everything. it's so freaking easy, and for some unbelieveable reason, totally free to use. i uploaded my paypal history, and outright separated my transactions into "expenses" and "income" for me. it also shows your profit for the year up in the corner, so it's a huge motivator to try to make that number grow! i really wish i had been doing this all along, it would have helped me so much.. so if you've been meaning to start keeping records, this is me pushing you to start!

anyone else already using outright? if not, how do you  choose to keep track of your etsy finances?


  1. I'm one of those really strange people who loves book keeping - and I also love Outright! Don't know how I'd get by without it.

  2. Wow-I have to go check that out-thanks for sharing, I hadn't heard of it before.
    I don't really have a current system as my shop is still pretty small, I just do it by hand basically, but I gotta start thinking big ;)

  3. Thanks for this- I've never heard of it!!! Usually when tax time comes along I'm going through all my numbers and manually adding/subtracting everything and it just sucks!

  4. seriously check it out! you will hooked from minute one. i am now obsessed with my numbers and pretty pie charts and graphs always get me!

  5. I've been using outright for my etsy business AND my boyfriend's business too. love it!


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