Wednesday, May 12

quality time

today was a lazy tuesday. i never got motivated beyond making it to the post office, so once bradley got home we grabbed our tree identification books, camera, and bikes and went for a ride to collect some leaves. a few nights ago i used my pile of awesome old kids books to make kind of a tree journal that we can sketch in and use as a tool when we go on our tree identifing adventures together.

we're also about to loose a very old tree in our yard and i'm definitely sad about it. it's been growing here and been a part of our home for a hundred years or so and neither bradley or i take losing it very lightly. we need to pick a replacment tree, but i want to make an informed decision. i do love our tree time together so much. it's so fun to be on a little mission to learn something with each other. plus we get to ride bikes and enjoy the neighborhood. quality time, indeed.


  1. What book do you use to identify the trees? I've been making little notes and trying to look stuff up based on leaf shape because I've recently become obsessed with the trees along my walk to work.

  2. omg...i LOVE your bike! I have a bit of an obsession with bikes right now, and that yellow is lovely! and, oh, the jealous!

    found you on etsy forums, i hope you'll come visit me too!

  3. stephanie - once you start noticing them, you're hooked! we use the national audubon society's field guide to trees and a book specific to missouri trees.

    jen - thanks for the bike compliments! it was definitely the best purchase i ever made :) i'm following your blog now!

  4. I used to do that with my boys when they were little, we love the birds also. I need to get back out there.

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  6. What a wonderful idea! That sounds like so much fun.

  7. Wow~ so peaceful...I loved that post and the pictures were breath taking!

    I'm your newest follower


  8. I'm sorry to hear about your tree having to come down. I totally understand how emotional that would be. They can have so much grandeur and history to them.

    Tree research sounds like a lovely adventure though! Thanks for sharing the beautiful shots!


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