Sunday, May 16

secondhand finds

i listed a few vintage items in my shop today. the set of cannisters and the peanut dish were found my ma, who is always on the lookout for goodies for me!

my vintage stuff has been selling pretty well, but i worry about them buring my handmade items. i've considered making a second shop, but i'm not convinced that the effort to run two at once would be worth it. it seems like one would suffer. anyone else asking this same question?

check out the listings!


  1. i love these items!! i've asked myself the same questions about multiple types of items in one shop vs multiple shops. i really think a mix of items in one shop really works for you since your handmade items have a vintage feel.
    i also think once etsy makes it possible to have multiple shops under one user ID, it will make it much easier to have one shop per interest, but it really must be somewhat of a logistical nightmare having multiple user names, emails, etc in order to keep things separate...

  2. Cute stuff! I opened a vintage shop separate from my handmade. I had the same concerns as you. If you're up to spending time on two shops (I slack big time in my vintage shop and the sales show it!) then I think its a good idea to separate them. If you're not up to it I would leave it be :)

    Just my two cents..

  3. thanks for your input, craftydill and fallon.. i appreciate it! it helps to know that i'm not the only one trying to figure out these same issues!


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