Tuesday, May 11

so suggestive

i am loving this new etsy feature called suggested shops! you'll find a new tab when you go to look at your favorite items and favorite shops, and it suggests new shops to you based on your current faves. as you favorite new items and shops, it will refresh with new suggestions for you. i've already seen so many amazing shops that i'm surprised i hadn't been to befofore. here are a few that stood out:

how inspiring is it to see so many adorable and practical uses from one single recycled source! the patterns in this shop are what my dreams are made of. 

everything in this shop looks so comfy and wearable. i would wear it all!

8 pages of handpicked vintage goodies that i now i'm convinced i need right this second.

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  1. I agree, that new feature is so much fun. I hope we are being suggested to a lot of people as well! (crossing fingers) :D


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