Tuesday, June 22

say my name

it's officially time to either commit to a shop name change, or fully accept the one i have. it's not that i think that buyers really care what your shop names is.. i don't think a crappy name is gonna break you, as long as you still offer items that appeal to people, but i do think it's important for a shop owner to be confident in their name. how can i create a brand for myself and totally get behind it if i don't feel a strong connection to the title i'm going by? i want to work on improving my shop, but this little nagging name thing keeps tugging at me. i want to order sew in labels and a custom shop stamp and create a facebook fan page.. but i'm having a hard time committing to it. i should have taken the plunge 100 sales ago, when i thought i had already come to far to change. i could always hold out for the hope that etsy will eventually support name changes.. we'll see.

and just incase the title of this post didn't ensure that this song is stuck in your head, here you go:

you're welcome :)


  1. I think your shop name is just fine.
    I have always wanted to change mine too, but never know what to change it to. I kinda just threw mine out there because I was anxious to get the shop going. I think etsy is supposed to allow us to change them (someday soon?)
    Do you have other name ideas already?

  2. i have a notebook i've been jotting ideas in, but i haven't came across the perfect name yet. i read around, and it sounds like the ability to change names will be coming eventually, so maybe i'll just hang on!

  3. I've always thought that your shop name had a nice ring to it. I say it's great for now. :)


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