Tuesday, June 22

three wishes

my mom gave me a bag of goodies from when i was little, mostly old birthday cards and school papers, but there was one hilarious bit of kiddy history in there that i had to share! inside a folder with "happy christmas" stenciled on the front was this:

there are so many things about it that make me laugh.. like my spelling, and how greedy i was! i didn't want a lot of money, or even a million dollars.. i wanted ALL of it.

it makes little me sound so serious and stressed out.. poor thing just wanted some quiet time.


  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE this! Hahaha This is so precious.

  2. How funny :) we all need quiet time now and again,lol...

  3. that sound slike something i would have said as a kid! my parents asked me once if i ever wanted a brother and i told them "NO WAY!" and stormed away. needless to say i have no siblings... i'm sooo selfish

  4. OH my goodness!! This is the best thing EVER!!!! hahahhaha


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