Wednesday, June 16

today looked like this:

i worked on ella headbands
for most of the day

i made a huge mess with a clean spot in the center where i sit and destroy from. it's not pretty, but it's the process.

does anyone else ever hold their needle in their pants? i do, but i do not recommend it. i forget it's there and remember the hard way.

i made my first custom headband for a lovely etsy customer. she wanted an ella headband in blue and brown, and this is what i came up with!

finally, bradley came home from work and we headed right out to the porch for our five o'clock coffee ritual. also, i only exsist from the thighs down.

freshly caffeinated, we set out on a bike ride with our tree books to solve some nature related mysteries.

getting our learnin on, and making use of the tree journal!

today we learned about smoke trees (leaves pictured), and some awesome tree maybe called a basswood or a linden, or "bee-tree". it was beautiful,  and i wanted to climb in it and take pictures, but i try to not creep around peoples yards if i can help it.

lastly, we came home and cooked some burgers on the grill and watched glee. i will leave you with the words of sue sylvester:

"i will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. i will let you fall in love with that kitty cat, and then on some dark cold night, i’ll steal away into your home and punch you in the face."


  1. my work space usually looks alot worse then your did in that pictures, i feel like most crafters are very neat people until they start working then stuff starts flying, kind of funny. also, may i add i love the fact that you taken the time to learn and explore! bravo for expanding your mind!

  2. That looks like a good day. &
    I totally do that with my needle.

  3. I have a smoke tree as well, love all the color changes in the leaves.

  4. I LOVE This post. I have been tree identifying lately too!

    I was using a vintage trees of north america book but I kept finding trees in my neighbourhood that the book said didn't grow anywhere but a tiny area on the other side of the country

    So I found an online book through my university library about trees in Vancouver and there is a map of a street that is planted entirely with rare trees that are nowhere else in the city. They are all old and noone knows who planted them.. but the book identifies them all.

    I am really curious to know what tree journal you have

  5. stephanie - i just made us a cute little scrapbook journal and decorated it with pictures from old kids books. we just sketch out whatever we're trying to identify, where we found it, and a few facts and the name so we can remember it!

    we use a native book of missouri trees, and one from the national audubon society.

    also, that street of rare trees sounds awesome!

  6. hmm now i want a tree journal!

  7. When I'm working in the studio the floor gets smaller and smaller (read: covered in piles of fabric) as the day goes on!
    oh, and I love that custom headband too!


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