Monday, July 19

breaking records!

let me tell you about our trials and tribulations with record players in our household!

first, we scored this piece for cheap and i wanted it even if the record player didn't work, because it looked so awesome as a piece of furniture. turns out it didn't work, so bradley gutted it and hinged the front so we could use it for storage in the hallway.

the second player was also super cheap and awesome, so we got that one to use as compter desk for brad. turns out the player still worked.. well, it did until bradley decided to take things apart to store the computer and monitor inside the cabinet. it was a good storage solution, but the record player pretty much died in the process.

thirdly, he wanted to make something special for me for my birthday, so he took an old player out of a not so awesome case and totally rebuilt it into this beautiful wooden case. he spent a lot of time on it, and i fell in love.. but apparently something went wrong during the reassembly of it's innards, and it's pretty much no workie. oh, the sadness..

finally, to replace my gorgeous paper weight of a record player, we found one at an antique mall. tested it there to make sure it worked, and brought that baby home with the instructions that bradley can not touch it! for someone who is so good at making things work, he's surprisingly good at destroying things too. now i can actually listen to records, and that makes me one very happy girl!


  1. Cute story :) Glad you finally got a working one!

  2. aw, they look great though.glad you got your record player in the end...i've had to buy a newer one to listen to my collection :)

  3. word assoation game!

    Superman is to kryptonite,
    as Bradley is to ________ Players

    *hint* the answer is "record"

  4. I just have to say how much I love your sense of style!

  5. Glad you finally got a working player!


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