Monday, July 19

plymouth rocks

I've always been an AMC car kind of girl.. the AMC, Javelin, Rambler, Pacer, Marlin.. all amazing cars. I used to be obsessed with Eagle wagons and finally owned one a few years back, and it was love, but she wasn't with me for very long. Rest in peace, Ogilvy. *tear*

Lately, I've been cheating on my AMC's by lusting over old Plymouth cars. Seriously, every Plymouth car until about 1978 is like the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Lets see if I can share some amazing vintage ads with you without drooling all over my keyboard.


  1. I like the blue one, it's mean lookin. grrr.

  2. i'm pretty fond of the wagon full of cowboys!

  3. nice plymouth picks. we had a beautiful valiant that had a sad ending. i still really miss it. we love vintage cars and are amc fans too.


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