Sunday, July 11


out in our shady, back yard doggy habitat, we had created a small patio from a mixture of bricks from craigslist and some that brad dug out of the ground when we moved in years ago. recently a old building downtown was demolished, and brad made some calls to find out where they were taking all of the rubble. he salvaged a few truck loads of brick from the building, old iron stars, and a huge brick step, so the back patio got a little makeover! it now flows so nicely, and helps make the yard look a little more finished.

 i love when we get to put salvaged supplies to good use. it's a great way to save money, and give new life to a little bit of history. our iron fence was discarded in the woods next to my mom's house, and bradley dug it up and put it back together, and it tunrs out it's from our town's old court house, built in 1886. i'm such a nerd for local history, so i thought that was pretty awesome.

have you given new life to something old and forgotten? tell me about it!


  1. Awww That is so cool. I love that the gate is so old! You are so inspiring!!

  2. wow that looks great! it may inspire me to do something with our backyard.... wait no... it past... great job! ^_~

  3. Great project! You guys did a wonderful job :)


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