Sunday, July 11


back in the day, when my camera was used for more than etsy product photos, we loved to road trip around our area searching out old abandoned houses, dilapidated buildings and barns, and the occasional roadside oddity. i love all the detail and texture you can find in old places.. the peeling paint, the remnants left behind, and the mystery.

maybe it's because we're right in the middle of meth country, but wandering around back roads has gotten kind of scary. we've ended up in some pretty creepy places, and got the hell out pretty quickly. we haven't gone snooping around in a while, and i think i'm about ready for another adventure.

here are some of our tresspassing highlights:

if you want to see more, check out my flickr set!


  1. Great photos. I agree, I love the textures you can find in the older abandoned buildings. What a sad state when you can't trespass for fear of running into some seedy people. Some great artistic inspiration will be lost.

  2. Lovely! I've always wanted to do that, but I'm a chicken :(

  3. I love your photos! I so glad that someone is brave enough to take them so all the chickens can see what's back there behind the no trespassing signs. If you suddenly stop blogging though, we will know where to begin the search for you ;)

  4. If you sold some of these prints in your Etsy shop, I for one would totally buy several! I drove out to Chester IL through St. Genevieve last time I was in MO and saw several feral looking buildings I wanted to explore! Sadly, I lacked time and a camera.


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