Tuesday, August 31

this old house

The hunt for old photos or any information about our house is still going strong. I guess I can't say the hunt is going strong.. but my desire to hunt is. I had no idea how addictive it would be. I figured after scoring old photos from the family that lived here in the 40's and 50's that it would satisfy us for a while, but it really only made me want more. My mission is to go back even further in time.. the house was built around 1898 so we have a lot of time to cover! I want to find more photos from the O'Sullivan family, who lived here from 1904 to 1917 (see this post for some back story). We have only seen one, but there has to be more out there somewhere and i'm determined to find them.

Since I was in an old photo mood, I searched through old pictures on etsy for inspiration, and each one struck me so hard.. even though they aren't of our home, I felt the feeling I felt when we saw our old phots for the first time. They suck me in and I get lost in every detail. All of these are exactly what I hope we find one day.. little black and white portals into the past.


  1. I think its so cool that you guys live in an old house - that's my dream!

    Hey guess what - there was a package in my mailbox from you today, and I thought, "but I didn't order anything!".... my younger sister did! I'm all jealous and I'll probably steal her headband. ;)

  2. I'd love to live in a house with such a long history, good luck with your findings!

  3. I am in love with your shop & your site is delightful!!! I absolutely get lost in old photos... I just aquired quited a few from my fathers side. It gave me a whole new prospective ... my grandpa died before I could know him.

    I love the O'Sullivan sisters & the kitten!!


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