Monday, September 13

Farmington News

While randomly searching ebay for the name of my town, in the hopes that some awesome peice of local history might be listed, I found a listing for 8 old newspapers from 1906 to 1938. I still can't really believe the luck. Twenty bucks later, they were ours! We carefully combed over every page, learning what life was like. The ads are probably my favorite part. It's amazing that even in 1906, people were already trying to scare women into buying shit they don't need. The phone numbers were three digits long, and rent for a house would cost you 7 bucks a month!

Also inside is the original Facebook status updates! Pages and pages of what was going on around town, like "Mary Johnson had friends over for her birthday. Cake was served and everyone had a great time." or "The Mitchells went out of town for business this week." It amazes me how some things don't change.


  1. How cool! I wish prices hadn't changed,lol :)

  2. That's so interesting! I've seen some small town papers that still do the "so and so did such and such this week." I thought it was weird, but I never thought about it being basically the same as updating facebook!

  3. What an awesome find! Old advertisements are my favorite.

  4. This is so neat and yeah, so true about them selling women on stuff they don't need. I love old ephemera and show my collection on my other blog The Cedar Chest


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