Saturday, September 18

Package it Pretty

Sending out pretty packages makes me happy. This one has a huge wreath inside. I never send anything out without a handwritten thank you note.. I think it's really important, and people seem to appreciate it.

What do you think is most important when shipping out your goodies? Or if you're the reciever of the package, what stands out to you?


  1. i'm the same way. i always include a handwritten note, too, and a little extra freebie with my etsy orders. i think it really makes a difference, and i know my customers feel like they are getting a present in the mail. i also like to wrap my fabric, etc, up pretty. i usually wrap them up in vintage pattern paper.
    i love that wrapping paper you used! is it vintage wallpaper?

  2. I love the personal touches. I bought framed cross stitch from What Delilah Did and she put in a hand written note and a surprise of crystal earrings! And a beautiful ribbon with crochet trim :)

  3. I whole heartedly agree with both commenters! I believe the experience starts when the receiver peeks in the mailbox & sees a package. Outside & in should be a delight!!! I use old wallpaper too.. I paste torn vintage floral under the address label... ~*~ so lovely!

  4. i have a huge roll of that vintage wallpaper, and i'm convinced it's going to last forever :)
    it's just so nice when you get packages that were packed up with care. another great different you get when you shop etsy!

    thanks for your comments!

  5. Yes I always add a handwritten note and I like to add a small gift too. I also use wrapping paper I want it to be a gift when they receive it, something special just for them.
    p.s came here for andrea creates looks like you had a super booth at the fair:)


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