Sunday, September 26

Sweater Weather!

You sure did show up fast, without any warning. I'm thrilled to be wearing my new favorite sweater for the first time, but I'm not in any hurry to upgrade to coat weather, so no rush.. okay?

cable-knit fingerless gloves by Homelab
argyle yarn wreath by ItzFitz
grey caplet by Silvia66
knitted pillow sham by PreciousKnits


  1. We are finally starting to have summer weather here in Cali ironically. So no sweaters quite yet. Lovely collection above!

  2. great stuff! i'm working on some gloves sort of like those up there(grey cables)-can't wait to wear them-finally cooled off here :)

  3. Love that sweater pillow!
    We cooled down to very chilly... now it is hot (70s) again... & I excitedly got out my sweaters and have to wait yet!! Bummer!!!

  4. Thank you so much for showing my pillow sham!
    Love the other knits too!


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