Sunday, October 10

Junque Shop

Today we hit Saint Louis to visit a salvage shop inside one of the buildings inside the old Lemp Brewery Complex. It's a 13 acre spread made up of 27 amazing, old, brick buildings.. one of them containing a place called Junque. It's what my dreams are made of.

Right from the start it was an overwhelming experience, each item fighting harder for your attention than the last. From old architectural details, doors, and wrought iron pieces to antique fixtures and jars of old hardware.. it was the collection of a lifetime and I've never wanted to leave with everything so badly.

It was ran by a very friendly couple who were so willing to show us around and open to letting us explore whatever we wanted, taking pictures of every step as we went along. It's been hard to not overload this post with photos, so I'm going to save one of the buildings for it's own post. Consider this part one!

Enjoy the photo tour, and if you live near STL and love old rusty salvaged finds.. put Junque on the top of your must visit list.



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