Sunday, October 10

Lemp Brewery Continued

In my previous post, I wrote about the shop called Junque inside one of the buildings in the Lemp Brewery Complex in Saint Louis, but we also got to explore some of the other old buildings and I feel like I made up for my lack of photo taking all summer in just one day. The guy who ran the salvage shop took us to this giant open space that just stunned us when we saw it.. I don't think I could use words to describe how amazing it was, so maybe the photos will do the job. If you want more, see the whole set on flickr.

We were already blown away, and then the guy asked if we wanted to see the basement. I couldn't even imagine what the basement of a place like this could possibly look like. He leads us down a creepy set of stairs into a cold, pitch black basement.. then he opens this huge door to let the light in and it illuminates these beautiful, giant colums and then we can really see the size of the place we were in. It was by far the coolest place I've ever got to explore.


  1. Amazing photos, that place looks so cool

    also a little bit scary

  2. Wow this is incredible I love exploring places like this!

  3. Wonder where all the brewery equipment went after International Shoe bought the place.


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