Thursday, October 21

Sprottfest 2010

Saturday was the 2nd annual Sprottfest, which is like a local farm party meets little craft fair. There was a handful of craft vendors (me included!) and lots of antiques to scour through. I really like the atmosphere of Sprottfest, with dogs and donkies hanging around, and the smell of kettlecorn in the air. Their was a blacksmith in action, a local muscian, delicious baked goodies, and a horse drawn wagon taking people for rides. It was definitely a fun day, and I'll keep participating as long as they keep having it!

I tried a few new things with my booth set up this time. I made a headband display out of a large pvc pipe covered in fabric, mounted to an old peice of trim. It worked so well, and made it so easy to see all the headbands. I think the set up gets a little better with every fair, so next year I'll totally be a pro :)


  1. Your booth was so sweet and welcoming. Very clever on the headband display it really showed them off.

  2. your booth looks great!and what a cool way to display the headbands!!


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