Monday, November 15

Demolition, Continued

My upstairs currently resembles tornado aftermath, but as I've learned.. it can't get pretty without getting really ugly first. Bradley has been gutting our master bedroom and bath, and getting things ready for the remodel. It seemed like the best plan was to knock them both out at once, but looking at the rooms in their current state has me a little overwhelmed.

 View from the bedroom into the bathroom

The house used to have a back staircase, which is apparently right under my toilet!

My cats have been very interested in the process, and are currently very dark shades of grey.

We spend lots of time carefully checking every crevice for any hidden artifacts.. anything that will teach us more about the history of our home. We found some cool stuff so far, but that deserves it's own post!


  1. Oh no, hope that toilet was stable,lol ;)
    Looks like you've been super busy with the remodeling.
    I just painted my dining room and it needs a 2nd coat...gotta get up the time and energy for it-your remodels put me to shame ;)
    Have fun with it-

  2. if it makes you feel better, none of it would happen without my husband. it's all him! i'm more of a fresh coat of paint will be just fine kind of girl :)


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