Monday, November 15

Hidden Treasures

Any time we start tearing into the house, a rush comes over us, excited about what finds might be hidding in the next wall, or under the next board. Brad has become very good at careful demolition, as to not destory any fragile secrets to the past that might hiding out. A perfect example of his careful hand is the first find of our master bathroom remodel. He slowly took down a part of the ceiling, and right there were newspapers from 1898!

I'm most excited about finding some beading that was underneath the 100 year old newspaper! I am going to assume it belonged to my O'Sullivan girls. I'm having a friend restring it into a bracelet for me!

You can't read much of the writing on this postcard, but you can make out one name: Margaret O'Sullivan! She is one of the daughters of the family that lived here from 1904-1917 that I'm kind of obsessed with.

Then we spent an afternoon up in the attic, pulling up boards that probably haven't been moved in a century, digging through insulation (which was probably a bad idea, in hindsight) and remains of mouse bedding, looking for any little treasure. It was a game of "one more board" that went on and on.

We found lots of pieces of wallpaper that have hung in the house over the years, and many newspapers crumbs. There was an awesome wax envelope that was postmarked 1907, an old doll leg, buttons, laces, children's school papers, and a neat piece of glass that I haven't quite figured out yet.

To be continued.. when we start digging again!


  1. this is too cool! I am hook now on what you guys are discovering:)

  2. yay! it's nice to know it's not totally boring to everyone!

  3. You're having such an adventure! I have the urge to rip down my apartment walls but I know I wouldn't find anything cool there. Good luck finding more gems!!

  4. What an awesome discovery!! I'm following from the Etsy forum. I would love it if you followed back. : )


  5. Wow this is amazing! I can't believe your restoring an old house. You're my hero. What a major undertaking. I bet it will be wonderful when it's all done.

    The finds are very cool! What great treasures to keep as souveniers of your house remodel!

    Your blog and shops are fantastic! Love the name, Peach Parlor!

    I'm glad you visited my blog. I can't wait to read more about your adventure.



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