Wednesday, November 10


I have a stockpile of things I want to share with you, and the list just keeps growing! I need to get myself re-motivated, but the time change sucks out my will to do anything and I'm still pouting about it. Hopefully I'll get used to it in a week or so and I'll be back on my game. For now I'd at least like to share some new stuff I finished last week. I found some great plaid fabric while thrifing and I'm loving it so much. So far Four brooches and a cuff, watch Peach Parlor for the listings coming soon!


  1. I'm so loving plaid lately!I spied that 3rd one yesterday...
    I know the feeling of the list getting longer ;0
    Good luck :)

  2. everyday my list gets longer, it's a little intimidating. i'm actually kind of glad i 'lost' my notebook at the doctors and had to start all over. best wishes! kick that motivation in gear i can't wait for you to share more!! ^_^

    oh P.S. you're new items are lovely!


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