Sunday, December 12

Front Door: Before & After

When we first moved here 6 years ago, the front door was always a special part of the house. It was one of the few original peices left (almost) intact. The beauty was there, but it needed some help. The bottom panel was cracked, as well as some of the glass.. and I don't have to mention the terrible paint job.

I went back and forth on wether or not to keep the wood detailing on the front of the door. While it wasn't my style, part of me wanted to keep it unchanged, in honor of all the things I wish had never been changed by family's past. Once I saw it stripped down, the choice was obvious to me. It fits us so much better this way. Bradley did an amazing job on it, and learned how to do stained glass so he could create the address panel in the bottom, and fix the cracks on top. He added the hardware for the transom window on top, and gave her other fixtures a shiny new makeover. One of my favorite parts is how it revealed all of the old nail holes where curtains would have been from generations of people before us. It's a very visual reminder of the history that it's been through.


  1. oh it's so pretty! love the wreath too!
    thanks for stopping by :)

  2. That looks awesome!! So many pretty details! :)


  3. it's beautiful! but i would expect no less ^.^ lookin' perfect!

  4. wow, it turned out fantastic!

    my plain ol' red door is super jealous now... :P


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