Thursday, December 2

JJ's Faves

Meet Jennifer! We met in third grade and have been bff's ever since. She runs the Etsy shop Craftstatic where she sells handmade and vintage goods.  Not only is she a great friend, and just generally awesome, she has great taste too so I am digging through her Etsy favorites to share with you!
Victoraian style keyhole necklace from Grigio Design
Zombie Golden Girls from Chuck Hodi
Trailer Birdhouse from Jumahl
Leather Wristband from Art of Spirit Leatherworks
Traffic Light Light from Primary Redux
Plaid Cameo Necklace from the Mix Shop
Dangers of Wearing a Corset Embroidery from Thread of Consciousness

My Favorite Bike Print from Juxtaposed Design
Patchwork Cloud Brooch by Handmade Pretties

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  1. Awww, I love this! You picked some awesome favorites.


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