Friday, January 28

Crutching It

I survived my foot sugery and now I'm rocking my first ever cast! I guess everything went okay, and It's not to painful, and I'm actually kind of enjoying the challenge of getting around. I'm sure this will wear off soon and start to get annoying, but for now It's like a fun creative game of how to I get from here to there and take this pile of stuff with me. If carrying your phone tucked into your underwear's elastic is a crime, then consider me guilty.

I've been loving the Shop Makeover Series that has been going on at the Etsy blog the past few weeks. It's perfect timing for me, since I'm off work for a few weeks and looking to revamp my two shops. My to do list is growing fast, but that's the only thing that is going fast around here lately!


  1. I've been on crutches many times in my life, thankfully never with a full cast on, it's always interesting. I always thought it was kind of fun. Enjoy your time off and get lots done! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your shops! You've always been an inspiration ^_^

  2. have you tried one of those utility aprons-like gardeners wear?-or crafters at fairs ;) they're handy to hold phones and whatnot when trying to get around....speaking from a family that's seen ankle surgery, knee replacements and broken pelvis in the last year(!)
    i have to check out the etsy blog makeover series...thanks for reminding me :)


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