Tuesday, January 25


I know I gave up on Mug Monday's a while back, but I met the cutest little friend that had to be shared! Since I go under the knife on Wednesday, I have been hunting and stock piling treasures for the shop, giving my mother-in-law lessons on what to junk shop for. It was hard to explain what I was looking for, because you never know until you find it. I told her to look for things that made her instantly happy inside, and at some point the day she picks up this mug and says "like this?" and I say "exactly!"

Watch for the new stuff to be listed over the next few weeks, along with new handmade goodies, and a much needed update to my photography shop, The Little Prints. Off to bed now because it's barely even Monday anymore!


  1. what a cute mug! hope everything goes well for you on Wednesday and in your recovery over the next couple of weeks! -michelle

  2. this mug is super cute!
    good luck on wednesday :) wishing you a speedy recovery!

  3. Oh! So cute!! I love that you've got a personal shopper ;)



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