Sunday, February 27

Bathroom Update!

So, my master bedroom still resembles a landfill, and there's still a shower in the corner of it, but progress in the bathroom has been made! Today Bradley put in the first of three new windows! Windows might not sound very exciting, but in an old house, it's something that makes a huge impact. First, you can actually SEE out of them, and has a big impact on our utilities. We replace them room by room and I think we're about half way to all new windows. Only like 20 more to go!

Soon it will be time to lay some beautiful white subway tile, and that's when I'll really be able to start seeing the room come together. Here's to hoping we made good choices!


  1. wow, i really commend you guys on the work you've taken on. it's a proccess that's for sure. being a past home owner i know how important good windows can be, and how much they can impact your utility bill, so i'm very happy to see you got new windows!!!

    happy remodeling! ^_^

  2. wow! it's so exciting to do renos like've just reminded me, we're supposed to be doing our master bath soon :0
    take care~and good luck with your new bathroom!!


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