Monday, February 28

Button Overload

If you've been to Peach Parlor lately, you may have noticed that it's been taken over by endless listings of vintage buttons. It all started while antique shopping with my mother-in-law. I squealed over a jar of all white buttons, and had to buy them, which gave her an idea to sell jars of buttons in her new antique mall booth. She scored the motherload, buying 33 pounds of antique buttons for a great price. I wish I had them all in one pile so I could show you what 33 pounds of buttons actually looks like! When she called me over to check them out, I was in shock and immediately fell in love with each and every button. I dug through the piles with my mouth on the floor, admiring each and every one like a tiny piece of artwork. Someone spent their whole life collecting these, and so many of them seemed so old and unique and I knew these couldn't be antique mall filler, stuck in jars for decor. I told her If she took them to the mall, I was going to go buy them all anyway, so she might as well save the time and sell them all to me now! You know how this story ends by now.. with me diving into a pool of buttons Scrooge McDuck style.

My brain has been on full button mode for the past few weeks. Learning, researching, sorting, photo taking, listing, packaging, shipping.. and then repeating the process all over again with the next batch. I didn't know there would be so much to learn! You'd never think that such a tiny little thing can hold so many clues as to what's made from, how old it is, and where it came from.

I'm so happy to be offering up these beauties to the world. I think about someone finding one of my listings and finally finding the one button they have been searching everywhere for.. or a collection of buttons that inspires someones next project. I'm thrilled to be finding homes for them, sending them on to people who will love them as much as I do.


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