Friday, February 25

Fresh From the Handmade Oven

I finally spent some quality time cutting and gluing, which are two of my favorite things, so I have a few new handmade items for sale in the shop! Take a peek!


  1. Beautiful! I always love your handmade stuff. I am so jealous of your style.

    I've been pondering a new headband. Are you open for custom orders right now?

  2. jody i LOVE all your stuff and i'd by lying if i said that the necklace was the only thing i have copied of yours. i am glad you were happy! keep it up!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful work! I can see you pay attention to every detail. Lucky buttons!

  4. Thanks so much for the awesome comments! Maliase: what do you have in mind? Email me if you fb: and we'll talk!


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