Wednesday, February 23


It was love at first sight when I laid my eyes on these papercut silhouette prints by Andy Smetanka. Andy runs the Etsy shop Going To Seed,  and I am itching to have some of his work hanging up on an empty wall near me! The color lover inside me feels so happy when I look at them.  Click the pictures for more info, and do some shop favoriting while you're there!


  1. Umm . . . these are amazing! I'm so happy you shared them. I actually did a few silhouette art pieces a few years back and actually made one into a lamp. So simple and so much fun!

  2. Ooh a great idea! That shop makes little night lights too :)

  3. Those are so beautiful! I love the way he created the different kinds of sky colors in these images, so beautiful! i'm in love, thank you for sharing!!! ^_^


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